The services I provide include:

For many client engagements, I create new content (or migrate HTML content) into a content management system. WordPress is my CMS of choice, but I have also created and have maintained sites built in Drupal, Joomla, Kentico, and Squarespace. I can work under very tight deadlines to develop the production site from basic design mockups.

I design and lay out publications using Adobe InDesign. I can also create fully linked tables of content and indices for the e-book versions. I have researched and designed technical infographics, and built them out using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


I have created multilingual, graphical buttons for kiosk interfaces in multiple languages: Arabic, Iraqi, Italian, Kurdish, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Punjabi, Romanian, Russian, Tamil, Thai, and Urdu.


I have developed multilingual sites for the UNDP and other clients, most frequently in English, French, and Japanese. I have utilized a browser language detection script, when needed, to ensure content in the appropriate language is served up.

I create and maintain HTML content and Web graphics on an ad hoc basis for a variety of clients. I have experience creating or implementing a wide range of Web site features: rotating content sliders with jQuery, integration with forms, embedding YouTube videos and drop-down menus, pulling in XML/JSON content using APIs.


I have built Javascript-based interactive tools. I have displayed Google calendars (in iCal format) on PHP-based sites, which required integrating XML with PHP for a custom display.


I have worked with clients to create Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and simultaneous updates on their MySpace profiles. I have helped maintain their Facebook pages, integrate Facebook "like" buttons on their Web sites, and advise on using Twitter.


I recommend keywords and identify SEO-friendly content. I register client sites in multiple online directories. I will analyze sites to search for practices that may have prevented the previous incarnation of the site from achieving SEO results.

I can create header banners, custom buttons, banner ads, and other visual identifiers to unify a site.


For clients where I am asked to develop the overall look-and-feel of a Web site, I interview clients about what they like/dislike about competitor sites, what elements appeal to them, what goals they hope to achieve with their site; I build out the site design and information architecture based on the vision we suss out together.

I assist in client engagements to developing a strategy for redesigning and reorganizing intranet content. I develop a marketing plan, design templates, conduct a content audit, and produce training documentation and a communications plan.

Several clients have engaged me to create HTML e-mail newsletters and templates for sending HTML e-mails on a regular basis.

I have written articles for several corporate clients (e.g., for IBM's ForwardView newsletters). In the past, I've written technical articles for a number of computer trade magazines and online sites. Back in the day (1995-1996), I was a columnist for Web Week magazine ("Ask Dr. Website") for two years. None of my old Web Week articles seem to be available online any longer, though. Links to some of my articles that are still online appear below...


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